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President's Word

Dear all,

May 16, 17 and 18 2002, 300 participants were gathered in Montreal to attend the first International Symposium on the Science of Touch. The organizing committee members were both enthusiast and worried about the event's outcome.

In the end, the participants' testimonials proved to us just how much of a need there was for such an event, for the people of the touch community to get together and share their vision about the science and human constituent of touch. We can therefore say that our initially chosen mission for the symposium was a success.

Since the results were so positive, we organized a second symposium, also in Montreal. More than 600 participants assembled for this second edition under the theme: "Towards an Integrative Medicine". We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who took the time and energy to join us in our attempt to bring the touch community together.

There were many memorable moments. Among them, Dr. Tiffany Field received the Ashley Montegu Award, given to the person who has done the most for the advancement of touch science in the world . In addition, Janet Kahn and David Eisenberg made us dream about a wonderful vision of massage therapy during their panel. They are a great inspiration for massage therapists and a precious guide towards tomorrow's medicine. The conferences and workshops were of exceptional interest and quality and we thank each and every contributor for their wonderful work.

Rolf Elmstrom's activity will remain unforgettable. During the great closing celebration, he led a collective massage session involving more than 400 people! More than ever, we could really feel that touch can make a difference in our society, in our Humanity.

We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our financial partners who demonstrated a lot of confidence in our vision. Special thanks to Biotone and Oakworks, our event's major partners. Their generosity truly made a difference in the organization and success of the event.

I wish to thank Dr. Réal Gaboriault for his rich and colorful contribution throughout the first two events on the science of touch. He now yields its position over to me in order to better concentrate on the various business projects that he manages. He has nonetheless accepted to continue to be a part of the organization and scientific committees.

It is with great feelings of achievement and purpose that we anticipate the future. Our next appointment is in 2008. We're evaluating different opportunities with cities in Asia and North Africa. We'll officially announce the host city and symposium's theme in spring 2006. Will you be among us? I certainly hope so!

Sylvain Magnan
ISST 2008 President

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