A Quote from participants and photographs of the Symposium

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“The ISST conference was a wonderful collection of touch researchers and their exciting new findings. To have an international conference in Montreal with attendance from all over the world focused on touch is an extraordinary experience.”
- Tiffany Field, Speaker, Miami

“It was a very special week. I came home full of new ideas and inspirations. Now, I need to train myself to KEEP them.”
- Doris Hildreth, Participant, Colorado

“The ISST Montreal event (May 2004) was both educational and inspiring. Future directions for research, and of the evolution of bodywork, and its integration into conventional settings, all became clearer as a result.”
- Leon Chaitow, Speaker, London

“Thank you for a very memorable symposium. I came away with many new ideas and an amped up excitement for the massage and bodywork profession. Thank you again for a wonderful event.”
- Julie Marron-Parker, Participant, Michigan

“The Swedish team is now back in Stockholm full of energy from the ISST 2004 Symposium. Thank you very much for your pioneering work and for your continuous efforts in the field. We were all excited from your professional arrangement and from meeting with many of the proponents for integrative medicine from the rest of the world.”
- Tobias Sundberg, Speaker, Sweden

“My thanks to your extraordinary team for a most delightful conference. I thoroughly enjoyed our meetings and look forward to our continued collaboration.”
- David Eisenberg, Speaker, Boston



I trust that the event was very successful for the Symposium. I enjoyed speaking at the conference and appreciate how well organized it was. Everything seemed to run fairly smoothly. Please pass on my thanks also for the wonderful evenings of the boat cruise and closing party.
- Robert Harris, Speaker, British Columbia

“Attending the ISST was an opportunity of a life time. I was amazed on how many people from different walks of life, different countries, had the same heart, spoke of the same passion on the difference that touch can make. Research was discussed exemplifying what touch has the ability to do with different symptoms. Every word spoken at this conference continues with a purpose by those who attended and some will take it to its next level. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge, it inspired me to grow to my next level of our profession. The future of Integrative Health Care is growing like wild fire, sharing with each other research can only improve our work, and it will raise the bar of health care to its next level.”
- Maria G. Turk, Speaker, Florida

“One of the greatest benefits of The International Symposium on the Science of Touch, ISST, was that it provided the opportunity for researchers and practitioners to network on a global scale in an environment of enthusiasm, respect, and fun. ISST demonstrated that there are many commonalities among people through the use of touch, no matter one's country of origin or spoken language, and that there is a great deal that we can learn from each other. I am grateful to Dr. Réal Gaboriault and all of the individuals associated with the Canadian Touch Research Center and the Kiné-Concept Institute for their vision and dedication to making this symposium a reality.”
- Mary Kay Brennan, Speaker, North Carolina

“The opportunity to present and share information at the ISST Conference with an international audience, while representing the United States and the massage profession in beautiful Montreal, was a distinct privilege. It was an enlightening experience to share knowledge with internationally recognized Masters of multidisciplinary approaches to touch. The acknowledged accomplishments and ongoing research projects are bright lights in alternative medicine.”
- Aaron L. Mattes Speaker, Florida

“ISST has the potential to change the world. All the contacts that are being made between touch-colleagues from around the globe, the knowledge that are being given and the news that are being released will for sure contribute to a world with softer values.”
- Rolf Elmstrom, Massage Kroppsvard Magazine, Sweden

“It was touchingly evident at this year's ISST Convention that Dr. Real Gaboriault had carefully assembled the perfect recipe for his Feast of Touch. By blending spices, recipes, and core ingredients from leading medical researchers with a delicious array of international somatic therapists, intellectual flavor filled the Montreal air. I was truly humbled to be surrounded by such a gathering of passionate souls and great minds working together to achieve a shared vision-the progressive journey of an integrative medicine dedicated to the holistic healing nature of touch. Thank you, Real, for allowing me into your kitchen so ripe with culinary delights.”
- Erik Dalton, Speaker, Oklahoma



“The ISST meeting in Montreal was a well organized event with integration of research and clinical practice presentations. It provided me an insight into current issues in Massage Therapy research and practice.”
- Alan H. Adams, Speaker, Florida

“I had a wonderful few days in Montreal after the conference, vacationing with a friend.... what a great city! I also thoroughly enjoyed the conference - it was an important opportunity to network with other researchers in the field and learn about what people are doing in various parts of the globe. I look very much forward to the next one!”
- Cynthia Price, Speaker, Washington

“The International Symposium on the Science of Touch was a unique event in that it brought together colleagues that otherwise might never have met. The most moving moment for me came when hundreds of attendees stood as a group and waited in line to sign a petition on behalf of Korean massage therapists who worked half a world away. Regardless of racial, political, or language barriers, touch brought us together as a family.”
- Steve Capellini, Royal Treatment Enterprises, Florida

“I would like to thank you for your hospitality during the ISST and the efforts undertaken by the ISST and your staff to make the symposium successful.”
- Steve Weiss, Biotone, California

“Thank you for all of your efforts to make the symposium a wonderful success.”
- Chelsea L. Yohe, Participant, North-Carolina

“I was very happy to be in attendance and thought it was a wonderful conference.”
- Teressa Gibson-Smye, Participant, Ontario

“I thank you for all sorts of help and hospitality rendered to me, from the beginning to end of our program. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to all your co-workers.”
- M.A. Shajahan, Speaker, India

“Thank you again for providing such a wonderful opportunity to meet all those exceptional people. Keep up the good work.”
- Anne Noall, Participant, Ontario

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the terrific job you did in organizing the Symposium. This was truly a world-class event in every way! I look forward to attending again in 2006."
- Lee Kalpin, Participant, Ontario





« Je vous écris pour vous faire part de toute mon admiration pour le travail gigantesque Que vous avez accompli lors du dernier Congrès international sur la science du toucher qui a eu lieu du 12 au 15 mai 2004. Ce fut pour moi une expérience extraordinaire.
Comme vous le savez, j’en suis encore aux balbutiements en massothérapie. J’ai gradué en décembre 2003. Soucieux d’en apprendre davantage et curieux de savoir ce qui se faisait ailleurs dans le monde, j’ai été agréablement surpris de voir tout l’intérêt qu’on porte à la science du toucher. La qualité des conférenciers m’a grandement impressionné : des gens passionnés et des chercheurs émérites de réputation internationale. Le choix des sujets traités et les ateliers pratiques ont nourri mon enthousiasme. J’ai rencontré des gens formidables. J’en garde un souvenir inoubliable. Et que dire maintenant de tous ceux et celles qui ont collaboré de près ou de loin à la réussite de cet heureux événement. Un gros merci à toute l’Équipe. Grâce à votre dévouement et votre sourire vous avez rendu la vie agréable à tous les participants.
Merci pour ce nouvel élan à la science du Toucher ! »
- Michel Lorrain, M.D., Participant, Montréal

« Grâce à la Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes qui m’a remis un laisser passer gratuit, je désire vous remercier, vous et toute votre équipe pour le merveilleux Congrès sur la science du toucher 2004 que vous nous avez fait vivre la fin de semaine dernière. Je suis très satisfaite, j’ai eu l’impression de vivre un moment historique… Tout ce beau monde, venu des cinq continents En route vers une médecine intégrée. J’ai particulièrement apprécié rencontrer des personnes extraordinaires et visualiser le film concernant la médecine Ayurveda (Indian Science of Life). Cela m’a donné le rêve d’aller un jour en Inde pour voir cela de plus près… Merci aux organisateurs, aux formateurs, aux exposants, aux bénévoles et à tous les participants. Merci à l’Encan silencieux qui m’a permis de rapporter la belle table de massage Golden Ratio – ISST 2004, une cassette vidéo « Massage in preschool/school » de la Suède, ainsi que deux ensembles « Barefoot Science » - pour la santé de vos pieds. J’ai eu la piqûre pour participer aux prochains congrès… Merci ! »
- Françoise De Montigny, Participante, Trois-Rivières

« Juste un mot pour vous dire merci pour cette belle journée. J'ai été bénévole cela m’a permis de voir un peu ce qui se passait mais surtout à quel point le congrès était bien présenté et intéressant. La prochaine fois, je m'arrangerai pour participer aux ateliers et être bénévole si vous avez encore besoin. Un gros merci au CIST. »
- Sylvie Rodrigue, Bénévole, Montréal

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